Karlijn Horsthuis

"For me, Titus Health Care is the ideal company to update. A good atmosphere in the workplace and a nice team. Because THC is a small company, you learn an awful lot about how a company works and you get a lot out of all kinds of things. The working atmosphere is pleasant: hard work alternates with humour and conviviality. As Medical Liaison Officer I am the bridge between scientific knowledge and access to the market.

Medical Liaison Officer

Karlijn is investigating possible additions to THC's portfolio. This concerns medicines as well as medical devices. In this way THC keeps abreast of the latest developments within the gynaecological market. In addition, she works as a project manager within the contraception portfolio, for the benefit of further training, support and promotion among healthcare professionals, especially midwives.


Karlijn completed her master's degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Groningen in 2015. Within this master's she followed the 'Science, Business & Policy' trajectory, which consisted of both business and policy subjects. For the final part of her master she did an internship at Titus Health Care. During this period Karlijn researched four products that could form a possible addition to the THC portfolio.

At the end of her studies Karlijn was appointed Medical Liaison Officer at THC.