Judith Wiegant

"I participate in Titus Health Care because our company is able to work in a different way. The added value we offer to women and our good relationships are central. We respond to the current zeitgeist in which partnerships and alliances with companies are inextricably linked to our success. This enables us to launch gynaecological products on the Dutch market without doctor's visitors".


As director of Titus Health Care Judith has been responsible for the overall management of THC and for the management of all team members since 2010.

After the launch of the T-Safe spiral in 2010, Judith supervised the market launch of Esmya in 2012. In 2014, she was responsible for adding the Multi-Safe spiral to THC's portfolio. In 2015, the market introduction of Bemfola (Recombinant Follicle stimulating Hormone) in the Netherlands has joined her responsibilities. This was followed in 2019 by the introduction of Ballerine and the launch of the Electronic Prescription System AnticonceptiePortaal.

Finally, Judith is in charge of all GDP (Good Distribution Practices) related matters, such as maintenance of the pharmaceutical wholesale license granted in 2014.

El Fuego

In addition to this work, Judith is closely involved in the work she has set up. El Fuego Foundation. From childhood Judith had the dream to help underprivileged children in developing countries. After her training in Social Pedagogical Aid, she studied business administration. Then she worked for a few years at a pharmaceutical company to get the necessary finances together. At the beginning of 2006 she quit this job, sold her house, founded the El Fuego Foundation and left for Peru for a year. Meanwhile, El Fuego Foundation helps hundreds of underprivileged children, 10 Peruvian employees are employed and she has the help of 27 volunteers in the Netherlands. 


Before Judith was asked to participate in Titus Health Care in 2010, she worked as a project and key account manager at MerckSerono and AstraZeneca. There Judith was responsible for the Opinion Leader Management and execution of the marketing strategy. Furthermore she supervised strategic projects, such as ISO certification and implementation of fertility EPDs. She also participated in the Fertimagazine Board, a website for women with fertility problems.