Judith Wiegant

I am proud to be part of Titus Health Care because our company works in a special way. The added value that we offer to women and our good customer relations are central to our company ethos. We are part of the current spirit of our time, whereby partnerships and alliances with other companies are closely linked to our success. In this way we can bring new gynecological products to the Dutch market without the need for our own medical sales representatives.


Judith has been director of Titus Health Care since 2010, responsible for the commercial strategy of THC. In addition, Judith is involved with all affairs related to GDP (Good Distribution Practice), such as maintenance of the pharmaceutical wholesale license, which was assigned in 2014.
After the launch of the T-Safe IUD in 2010, Judith was the driving force in the market introduction of Esmya. In 2014 she was responsible for adding the Multi-Safe IUD to THC’s portfolio. In 2015, the launch of Bemfola (Recombinant human Follicle-stimulating Hormone) has been her responsibility and she heads up the team of Titus Health Care project managers.

El Fuego

Alongside her work commitments, Judith is also involved in the foundation she established – Stichting El Fuego. From her childhood, Judith always dreamt of helping poverty-stricken children in developing countries. After training in socio-educational assistance Judith completed her studies in business administration. Judith worked for some years in the pharmaceutical industry in order to save up sufficient funds. At the beginning of 2006 Judith quit her job, sold her house, established Stichting El Fuego and set off for a year in Peru.
Since then Stichting El Fuego has helped hundreds of impoverished children, 10 Peruvian colleagues have been employed and 27 voluntary workers in The Netherlands have been recruited. Judith still visits Peru from time to time to direct projects in person.


Before Judith was invited to participate in Titus Health Care she was employed as project and key account manager at Merck Serono and Astra Zeneca, Judith was responsible for Opinion Leader Management and implementation of marketing strategy. In addition, Judith was the leader of strategic projects, such as ISO certification and implementation of fertility EPDs (electronic patient dossiers). Judith has participated in the ‘Fertimagazine Board’, a website for women with fertility problems.