Titus Health Care has two important gynaecological pillars: Contraception and Fertility.

Titus Health Care is actively looking for new gynaecological products or devices to be introduced, which may be of value to Dutch women. In doing so, she makes use of a large network and experience within gynaecology.


Titus Health Care (THC) is exclusive distributor of the hormone free T-Safe® contraceptive Intra Uterine Device, the most effective copper Intra Uterine Device with a residence time of up to 10 years. THC is also distributor of the Ballerine® MIDI CU 300 IUBthe Flexi-T spirals, the Multi-Safe® CU 375 and the Multi-Safe® CU 375 shorts copper IUD, the IUD that is suitable for women with a small uterus. More information.


Sister company ARTPred has, in collaboration with Erasmus MC and the Free University of Amsterdam, developed a new fertility test called ReceptIVFity. The now available ReceptIVFity Testing can provide insight for women with fertility problems when IVF treatment will not help them become pregnant. More information.