Within the pillar of Fertility Titus Health Care is the exclusive Sales Agent for Bemfola (follitropine alfa) in the Netherlands. In addition, Titus Health Care’s sister company ARTPred is developing a new Fertility Microbiome Profling test (ReceptIVFity). This tests will be able to predict the success of an IVF treatment based on the microbiome composition of the female urine and vagina.


Titus Health Care is the exclusive Sales Agent for Bemfola® (follitropin alfa) in The Netherlands. Bemfola®, developed by Finox Biotech AG, has been available since January 2015.
Bemfola® is a recombinant follicle stimulating hormone and is used in cases of anovulation or for the stimulation of multi-follicular development in women undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF and ICSI. Bemfola® is administered via a pre-filled single-use pen.
For information about the composition and properties of follitropin alfa, please refer to the pharmacotherapeutic compass or the pack leaflet.



Titus Health Care’s sister company ARTPred has developed a fertility microbiome profling test (ReceptIVFity) in collaboration with Rotterdam Erasmus MC and the VU Amsterdam. The ReceptIVFity test is able to predict which women will not get pregnant through an IVF treatment. With this new test women can avoid the disappointment of an unsuccessful IVF treatment. At the moment, a multicenter study is being conducted in eight Dutch IVF centers. The test is only available for patients included in one of the ReceptIVFity studies. The test is expected to be brought to the market in 2017.