Danielle van Veen

Working with the challenges of medical translation every day awoke my interest in the medical sector. My position at Titus Health Care is a logical next step, which for me has an added bonus - that THC wants to improve the lives of Dutch women.

Project Manager

Within the gynaecology portfolio, Daniëlle is the primary point of contact for gynaecologists, pharmacists and buying agents in the Netherlands. She is also responsible for providing information and customer service to Dutch hospitals regarding T-Safe, Multi-Safe, Bemfola and other devices. In addition, she organises meetings, refresher courses and training for healthcare professionals. Finally, in collaboration with healthcare professionals, she monitors developments in the field of gynaecology.


Daniëlle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dutch Language and Culture from Leiden University, followed by a Master’s in Journalism and New Media, also from Leiden. After obtaining these qualifications, she worked as a project manager and later as a senior manager at a translation agency, where she focused on specialised medical translation.