Annelies Koop

“I got to know Judith through my voluntary work as a project coordinator in Peru and I was asked to work for Titus Health Care. In a short time I learnt about the company and its philosophy, and I am now responsible for a wide range of duties. What really appeals to me is the added value we like to offer to Dutch women, and our personal approach to health care professionals. I experience being part of this small but engaged team as extremely inspiring and educational.”


Project Manager

Annelies is responsible for various projects within the birth control portfolio. For example, she provides accredited IUD training courses for midwives and facilitates T-Safe and Multi-Safe training for health care professionals, midwives and GP education departments.
At the same time Annelies keeps midwives up to speed on the new developments around IUD insertion, and facilitates abortion clinics with birth control provision. Finally, she is co-responsible for the promotion, distribution and logistics concerning the sale of T-Safe and Multi-Safe.



Annelies obtained her master’s degree in Culture, Organizational Leadership and Management at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam, following her bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Criminology in Leiden. After graduating, she left for Peru to assist the El Fuego Foundation as a project manager in their programme to combat malnourishment in children living on the outskirts of Ayacucho.